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Key points on the map of Poland: Gdańsk, Gliwice, Święcice. What are other reasons for choosing Panattoni? An interview with Robert Katafiasz, the President of the Management Board of Nagel Polska.

Did establishing Nagel Polska in 2002 strengthen the position of Nagel--Group in the European market?

Since the system changes at the beginning of 1990s, Poland has been one of the steadily developing European economies. As one of the leading markets for production and consumption of food products in Europe, Poland attracted the interest of Nagel-Group, which was rapidly building its European distribution network. After 9 years of its activity, Nagel Polska is one of the fastest developing domestic companies in the group, it has a network of six branches, 350 trucks, employs 320 experienced people and, most importantly, works for a large group of domestic and international customers. It is obvious that Nagel Polska has contributed to the strengthening of Nagel-Group in Europe and it is one of  organisations with the best prospects of future development in our group.

What are the restrictions and storage requirements with regards to food logistics?

Food logistics is determined by the characteristic features of the product. These are goods that go off quickly and are exposed to the unfavourable influence of external factors, and in the end we find them on our tables. The logistic processes in our company take place under the agreement and supervision of District Veterinaries, in accordance with the European law on the turnover of groceries and the HACCP and IFS quality systems implemented in our branches. The most important issues considered are: keeping offices, warehouses and transport units clean at all times, personal hygiene and regular medical examination of the employees, temperature and humidity in the whole distribution  chain, securing the goods against pollution and pests, control of expiry dates and the possibility of fast withdrawal of the goods from customers in accordance with the regulation WE 178/2002.

What was the most difficult task performed by Nagel--Group in Poland?

It is hard to talk about one task. Every year of our activity brings new challenges and projects in the area of standardisation of our services, employee development, cost optimisation, modernisation of technological and IT structures, implementation of environmentally friendly solutions. The fast development that we can observe in Poland brings plenty of new challenges and a constant necessity to make things more efficient. We have worked on new projects practically throughout the whole of our history. I do not think it will change in the future. One of the recently completed important projects is the modernisation of warehouse and office infrastructure. The development of this project was considered to be indispensable to guarantee our company further dynamic development in Poland in the next decade.


Petr Chocholaty

25,600 sqm is the total area of BTS buildings developed for Nagel-Group. It means that we considered Panattoni’s offer to be the most suited to our needs.

Robert Katafiasz, the President of the Management Board of Nagel Polska

How does Panattoni Europe’s offer fit into the needs of the business?

On one hand, what is important for our business is the access to standard warehouse solutions in logistically attractive areas of Poland and the flexibility of these solutions in adapting them to suit our specific needs: availability of electric power, additional thermal insulation, instalment of cooling systems, etc. On the other hand, we needed a company ready to develop individual long-term lease projects called BTS. The fact that we signed the contract with Panattoni concerning the development of BTS buildings with a total area of 25,600 sqm for Nagel-Group, which are to be located in Gliwice, Święcice near Warsaw and Gdańsk, proves that Panattoni offers were the most suited to our needs.

What was the reason behind choosing Panattoni?

In the tender procedure we paid attention to the following criteria: ability to meet deadlines, availability of free land within the already existing logistic parks, confirmation of project development in accordance with the technical specification of Nagel-Group, location enabling employees to get to work quickly and good access to the existing and planned network of motorways, the opportunity to develop cooperation in the future and the cost level. Meeting all the above criteria determined our choice of a partner in our three BTS projects.

How does Nagel Poland prepare for the crisis anticipated by the experts?

Our industry works for the producers of daily necessities, not for the producers of investment goods. For this reason, we are slightly less exposed to the negative effects of the crisis. Just like any other company, we strive for working continuously on new solutions, attractive to the customers; we strive for maintaining an optimised and flexible cost structure, a steady development of all products and a safe portfolio of customers. On the other hand, for companies like ours, a crisis means new opportunities. The most important ones include outsourcing logistic operations by our customers in order to reduce and flexibilize costs, which leads to an increased demand for the services offered by our industry.