Case study


RUCH SA is becoming a modern and competetive company, and Panattoni Europe has become one of its partners in the transformation. An interview with Jacek Mistewicz, national logistic coordinator in RUCH SA.

New formats, new logo, changes in the board of directors and extended range of services. What is the reason behind such revolutionary chan-ges in the company?

We have introduced changes in order to modernise the company. Owing to the modernisation, we will be more flexible in adapting to the changes in the market and able to face new challenges. We are focusing on a profitable sales network. The changes in the sales structure of FMCG with profitability in mind and the development of a partnering network are strengthening the position of RUCH SA and will create a basis for a stable future.

Do these changes also involve a new quality of customer service?

Yes. Goods are sold and displayed in a way that makes them accessible to the customer, partially involving self-service. A small window has been replaced by a large shop front, which makes it easier for the customers to communicate with the seller. New kiosks not only offer newspapers and magazines but also staples and impulse convenience goods, such as snacks or soft drinks. Our offer is targeted at anyone who is near our point of sale.


Jacek Mistewicz

Instead of local forwarding of press, warehouses and wholesales of non-press goods, the company is building logistic centres equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and allowing for proper customer service. It is one of the elements of cost optimisation.

Jacek Mistewicz, national logistic coordinator in RUCH SA

How does your company build its corporate culture and communicate with its employees, particularly during so many changes?

Effective communication with employees is very important now. I can say that our company is using the following channels: in-company newsletter, notice  board, e-mail, team meetings or large meetings where the staff can listen to and ask questions to their superiors. The work on the implementation of intranet is also well-advanced.

What changed after the company was privatised?

The most important issue is the preparation and implementation of a new company strategy. The strategy was created for three basic business divisions: retail, wholesale and distribution of the press as well as for one of the biggest logistic structures in Poland. The FMCG wholesale division supports the retail, builds the purchasing power and is a source of supply. FMCG wholesale offer includes a range of retail goods. We have also created a professional team of sales representatives and we are building professional and IT-based logistics. The changes in press distribution focus on making the distribution process more effective and on reducing the logistic costs. Additionally, we are implementing a plan of increasing our share in the subscription market and developing a partnering network.

How does the company plan to develop its own retail network?

Retail network is the driving force of the company. By 2016 the company will have spent a minimum of PLN 160 mln on the development of the network. By this time we would like to replace 2,500 kiosks in the places with a good footfall. We are also planning to open 150 kiosks in airports and railway stations, 100 in shopping centres, 400 in public utility buildings, such as hospitals, offices and others. We are implementing an IT-based central management system. Only this year RUCH SA has earmarked PLN 54 mln for this purpose. We are also changing our image, sales and management structure.

How do you organise logistic centres in the company with such a diversified range of products?

The warehouses that we use are divided into two main warehouse and picking areas. One of the areas is a press warehouse, which is used for publications’ picking and returns of unsold titles. The warehouse is equipped with specialist picking shelves with screens and ‘Disperse Presentation System’ scanners as well as modern return tills. The other part of the warehouse is an area equipped mainly with traditional high storage shelves, which are used for storing and picking non-press products, consisting mainly of FMCG goods. The same location of both parts of the warehouses allows us to achieve a synergy effect in transport, service and use of warehouse equipment.

How does your company feel about your current coope-ration with Panattoni?

Panattoni Europe is one of the main providers of warehouse space for RUCH SA destined for modern logistic centres. Up till now, both parties have signed long-term contracts for around 20,000 sqm of warehouse space and around 2,000 sqm of office space. Successful cooperation resulted in creating buildings fully satisfying the specific needs of one of the biggest press distributors in the Polish market.