Manuli Hydraulics / Radomsko, 32,000 sqm

Global leader in hydraulic products, part of Manuli Rubber Industries S.A.

The BTS facility for Manuli Hydraulics was built in Radomsko, at the Łódź Special Economic Zone in 9 months. The twenty-five-metre tower is the heart of the whole investment. Divided into two and four storeys, it is where rubber mixes used in hose production are made. The production line installed and overhead cranes made it necessary to use a non-standard column spacing, and due to the high loads of machines and equipment, the flooring is 40 cm thick and doubly reinforced, with loading capacity of 7.5T/sqm. The investment features special environment-friendly structural and technological solutions, e.g. 12.5% roof glazing or the installation for recovering and purifying water for reuse in the manufacturing process. Moreover, some of the steam produced in the technological process is used for heating purposes, which helps optimise facility maintenance costs.



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