Cookies policy


In order for our website to provide particular services, we are using cookies. By editing the settings of your web browser you will be able to control or prevent the use of these cookies, however, some of the facilities offered by our website may not work properly then.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit and our website is no exception. The data cookies contain enable websites to work more efficiently and provide a range of user-friendly features. Shops remember contents of your shopping basket, application forms remember your login details and passwords, websites remember your choice of language and, at the same time, website owners gain anonymous statistics about the usage of their service. Properly used cookies store only the information necessary to provide you certain services and these are the only cookies we use. The data is coded so that unauthorized parties can't access it. What’s more, the information is not linked to your personal data.

Information websites collect via cookies are linked to your computer, browser and your preferences only – cookies don’t provide information about who you are or what your name is. Cookies are also safe for your device, regardless you access websites from a computer, a mobile or a tablet. They do not change the configuration of your hardware or software.

What sort of cookies do we use and why do we use them?

We use functional cookies. Thanks to them our service remembers language and display settings of our website. These files remember your device and when you visit us once again, the website is displayed in a manner according to your previous preferences.    

We also use efficiency cookies which enable us to collect statistics via Google Analytics. The statistics shows us which website areas need improvement. They are also an invaluable source of information about which of our projects are most frequently viewed.

Panattoni Europe, ul. Emilii Plater 53, 00-113 Warszawa, is the entity placing cookies in the terminal device of the website user and getting access to them.

Can I switch cookies off?

Yes. Your browser probably allows the use of cookies by default, but if you do not agree to this, you can always change these settings. You can disable cookies completely or enable notification whenever cookies are stored on your device. Click on the name of the browser you are using to learn how to do it:

Disabling cookies does not affect the interaction with the website significantly. However, it takes the possibility of exploiting already mentioned facilities away from you. It also makes keeping reliable statistics impossible for us.

Nasza strona korzysta z plików cookies w celu realizacji niektórych usług. Możesz zmienić ustawienia i zablokować cookies na swoim urządzeniu. 
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